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In a small town library in the Deep South, two librarians share an unlikely close friendship, despite being on opposite sides of the culture war. But when a young runaway, global events, and the Sweep of Human History come crashing through their front door, what will it take for that friendship to survive?

Alexandria is a play about relationships that cross deep divides of belief and conviction: what those relationships are worth, and what they cost.


2 women, 3 men

Winner - Sanguine Theatre Company's Project Playwright Festival


Dan and Eric have a new marriage license, a new baby, and a new house in the country. As they settle into their new life, Dan, the older of the two, is having what seem to be sleepwalking episodes. A ghost story told by a young visitor leads Eric to suspect that Dan's sleepwalking incidents are actually something far more sinister -- but are they what he thinks they are? Or are there other forces at work? 

WAKE is a ghost story for the post-AIDS generation, a play about marriage, expectations, and the power of narrative to both heal and harm.


1 woman, 4 men

Finalist - Futurefest 2016, Dayton Playhouse

Semifinalist - PlayPenn 2015

You Have Earned Bonus Stars

Danielle has survived a shocking act of workplace violence; her quiet older co-worker Jimmy has not. A small act in his final moments becomes a clue that sets Danielle off on a quest on his behalf, a quest that sends her down a rabbit hole of secrets, lies, and questions about her own place in the moral universe – and the state of the moral universe itself.

You Have Earned Bonus Stars is a comedy about tragedy, an exploration of the judgement we all face – from the great beyond, from each other, and from ourselves..


3 women, 2 men



Two women working along the line of a poultry-processing plant in Arkansas share many things, including their views about personal improvement; but when those views unexpectedly diverge, old cracks break wide open.


2 women

Winner - Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival


A boy's quest for a safe harbor leads him unexpectedly into the most terrifying danger of his young life. A comedy (sort of?) about shopping for underwear.

1 woman, 2 men


A malfunctioning piece of office equipment brings out the worst in a diverse group of co-workers.

2 women, 2 men

Winner - Best Play, 2015 LIC Short Play Festival

Status Update

In a sunny suburban kitchen on a Saturday afternoon, a mother's last nerve is getting trampled on by her teenage son's loud music. But underneath their argument over iTunes, a sudden loss and an unspoken fear are waiting to be revealed.

Status Update is about youth, middle age, the relentless passing of time, and the small acts of love that make up our days.

1 woman, 1 man

Neon Glowing New 

On the eve of the millennium, a teenage girl attends her first rave and envisions a potential future that rejects the rules and restrictions of her parents' middle class values. But she soon finds that the freedom the rave promises is not just for her, in ways she finds deeply threatening.


2 women, 2 men

In The Whole History of Hi-Q

One the eve of the last tournament of the year, three high school trivia nerds must confront the real reasons for their losing streak.


1 woman, 2 men

Finalist - City Theatre 2015 Short Playwriting Award

Hair Tuck, Half Smile

A series of nested dreams, exploring how our celebrity obsessions both flatter and condemn us.

Might as well be titled: What We Dream About When We Dream About Katie Holmes


2 women, 5 men