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I Am My Own Wife

Coachella Valley Rep


“Any actor or student of theater must see this performance. It is epic. There are moments which are beyond description…This is beyond brilliant—it’s a feat of memory and acting techniques that will leave any of us gasping. Occasionally, we might think we will actually glimpse the actor underneath it all … but then the chameleon changes again, and slips away from us.” -- VJ Hume, CV Independent


“Vince Gatton, playing Charlotte von Mahlsdorf and 34 other roles, is mesmerizing. It is nothing short of a tour-de-force bravado performance. Likely the very best performance by any actor in the Coachella Valley for 2016.” -- Armin Callo, InFlux Magazine


“Gatton portrays a mind-blowing 35 characters in a brilliant tour de force performance, speaking and translating as he goes in English, German, and French. It’s an astonishing accomplishment by an actor.” -- Jack Lyons, Desert Local News


“Actor Vince Gatton brings her to life, along with more than thirty other characters, in a brilliant one-person show that I consider a must-see.” -- Audrey Liebross, BroadwayWorld


“Vince Gatton, in his portrayal of Von Mahlsdorf, and a couple of dozen other characters, was absolutely brilliant…nothing short of astonishing…he was smooth and seamless and kept the story flowing with continuity and insight.” -- Dee Jae Cox, CV Weekly

Busted Jesus Comix

Blue Coyote Theater Group


"(Busted Jesus Comix is) anchored by the wonderfully moody turn by Mr. Gatton...Mr. Gatton gives a rooted, realistic portrait of a young person with an obsessive need to draw." --- Jason Zinoman, New York Times


"Vince Gatton gives a towering performance as Marco, anchoring the play with his layered, sympathetic portrayal of this naive, sweetly goofy, terribly damaged young man." --- Martin Denton,

Candy and Dorothy

Theater Three and Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater


Drama Desk Nomination - Outstanding Actor in a Play


"As Candy Darling, Vince Gatton (gives) a sensational, star-making performance that is nothing shy of spectacular perfection." --- Martin Denton,


"Mr. Gatton...proves his range in a flamboyant portrait that resists caricature.  Unlike many drag performers, he is careful to do more than just vamp.  Although he vamps quite nicely, too."  --- Jason Zinoman, New York Times


"The exciting young actor Vince Gatton gave one of last year's most memorable Off-Off-Broadway performances as a diffident cartoonist in David Johnston's compelling Busted Jesus Comix.  Now in Johnston's Candy and Dorothy, he plays a far more extroverted character...with equal aplomb, offering a winsome portrait of determined glamour." --- Adam Feldman, Time Out New York


"Gatton manages to run away with the show...Gatton fully inhabits Darling, disappearing into the role with such conviction and determination that you forget a man is playing a woman.  Gatton honors...Darling's memory with his brilliant rendering." ---Sean Michael O'Donnell,


"Gatton proves his versatility as an actor...his Candy is glamorous and sexy, witty and sarcastic, possessed of impeccable comic timing." --- Dan Bacalzo,


"In this, (playwright David Johnston is) abetted by the terrific Vince Gatton, re-creating his Drama Desk-nominated performance as Candy...His Candy is smart as well as sweet...." ---Louise Kennedy, Boston Globe


"Vince Gatton, who received a Drama Desk Nomination for his role as Candy, is terrific as the Warhol groupie....What's wonderful about Gatton's performance is that it is not an over-the-top rendition...Gatton is very funny without being extravagant."  --- Debbie Forman, Cape Cod Times


"...Vince Gatton...deserved his Drama Desk (Nomination) for his beautifully timed, pointedly feminine, yet never campy turn as Candy." --- Carolyn Clay, The Phoenix

Fully Committed

Barrington Stage Company


**10 Best Productions of the Year "I found myself simply in awe of Gatton's accomplishment.  Not only does he whisk through the complex material with startling fluidity, he also makes each character come alive in ways that surmount mere's the subtle strokes and nuances of character that ultimately put us under Gatton's spell... The effect is a seamless performance that is, at once, dazzling, engaging, and exhilarating... Whitmore, Price, Holbrook, Gazarra, Grey....add Gatton to the distinguished list." --- Ralph Hamman, Metroland Online


"Gatton plays brilliantly...Volkoff and Gatton make the most of their talents and abilities...not to be missed!" --- J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus

I Am My Own Wife

Barrington Stage Company


"Gatton Scores Another Tour de Force for Barrington...the prodigiously talented Gatton is back...from the pixilated grin, to the subtly sunken chest and spot-on accent, Gatton is a self-effacing wonder.  In Gatton BSC has found a gem who reveals more highly polished facets with each appearance." ---Ralph Hammann, Metroland Online


"An absolutely riveting production...starring the truly amazing Vince Gatton...I was truly blown away by this production and performance....On every level, the was one of the finest moments of theater in memory.  In baseball, we would call this a no-hitter.  In basketball, a slam-dunk.  In boxing a TKO. In art, a masterpiece." --- Charles Giuliano, Berkshire Fine Arts


"Vince Gatton...does an excellent job of rendering each person...quickly, wholly, and believably.  The task requires magnetism, and Gatton has it."  --- Michael Eck, Albany Times-Union


"...the role of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf et al. turns acting into an extreme sport—the dramatic equivalent of a decathlon.  The actor Vince Gatton meets the challenge with humor and humility.  He does a star turn by not acting like a star...Gatton's agile acting and multiple transformations (are) especially impressive..."  --- Dan Shaw, Rural Intelligence


"Mr. Gatton is simply brilliant.  With a total of 35 characters...Gatton creates a separate voice, many with differing accents. the constant switching of roles, vividly and with precise timing.  I Am My Own Wife is moving and absorbing, with a true tour de force performance by Vince Gatton."  --- Ron Lee, WBRK radio


"Gatton is a chameleon-like master of different voices and accents, from German to Texan and points between...It's a most-rewarding evening in the theater."   --- Clarence Fanto, WAMC Radio


Kitchen Theatre Company

"In the end, it was Gatton who stole the show. The charming yet jittery chatterbox made it hard for audience members to take their eyes off him." -- Emily Fedor, The Ithacan

“Perry has chosen four superb actors for the parts. Vince Gatton’s John is marvelously exasperating in his hesitations, inaction, and vacillation; he bounces from stymied silence to accusatory tirades. Taut and good looking..." --- Barbara Adams, Ithaca Journal

“Gatton plays John as the eternal kid... unafraid to make John terribly annoying, but he also locates the naïve, bumbling, loving, idiotic core of someone who thought he had it all figured out when he came out as gay, and now has to juggle it all over again."  --- Ross Haarstad, Ithaca Stages

“ played by Gatton with charismatic, mercurial high spirits while exhibiting visceral anguish as he wrestles with his decisions.” --- Deirdre Cunningham, Ithaca Times

Titus Andronicus

New York Shakespeare Exchange


“Vince Gatton is wonderful as the decadent Saturninus. Sly, quick-witted and perfidious, he is this cast's best speaker of Shakespeare's verse. He plays the debauched Emperor with genuine wit; he is funny while never actually reaching for laughs. And he never loses sight of Saturninus' intense desire to be seen as the rightful ruler of Rome.”  Roark Littlefield,


“There are also strong, well-spoken contributions from Vince Gatton, a feline Saturninus…”  David Barbour, Lighting and Sound America


“Vince Gatton’s Emperor Saturninus was a creepily craven dandy.”  Juliet Hindell, Exeunt Magazine



“…and there’s also Vince Gatton in a fine turn as newly crowned Emperor, Saturninus.”  JK Clarke, Theater Pizzazz


“Vince Gatton's feebly ignorant Saturninus is oddly charming.”  Collin McConnell,


"Mr. Gatton is excellent." Aaron Botwick, Scribicide

Clean Alternatives
Kitchen Theatre Company

"Gatton is a brilliant Slate, flipping from uber-Uber young male fearlessness to dear-in-the-headlights romantic convert...A great cast."
                                                                        -- Ross Haarstad, Ithaca Times

The Turn of the Screw

Two Turns Theater Company


"An actor with range and luscious subtlety..." --- Pam Harbaugh, Florida Today


"Vince Gatton is dashing and looks good in a suit. But more importantly, Gatton can play a metric shit-ton of characters in one show with unbelievable ease and clarity." --- The Craptacular


"Vince Gatton superbly plays three parts: the haughty uncle, matronly housekeeper and seemingly demonic Miles.... as spine-tingling as James might have wished." --- Julie Steinberg, The Wall Street Journal


"Gatton's portraval of the 10-year-old Miles was profoundly eerie...His ability to use physicality is remarkable." ---  Dianna Martin, The Happiest Medium

The Life and Death of King John

New York Shakespeare Exchange


"Vince Gatton is superb as the dastardly title character" -- Adam Feldman, Time Out New York


"Among the show's chief assets is Vince Gatton's mercurial and highly strung performance in the title role.  Gatton's transformation from a a panicked, childlike tyrant fascinates." -- Andy Propst, Backstage

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