BETTER at the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival


Directed by Miller Hall

With Erin Layton and Nicole Naffaa

ALEXANDRIA at Sanguine Theater Company

**Winner, Project Playwright 2018

Directed by Jordana Williams 

With James Foster, Jr., Stephen Heskett, Jonathan Melo, Shauna Miles, and Kristen Vaughan

On I AM MY OWN WIFE at Coachella Valley Rep:

“Any actor or student of theater must see this performance. It is epic. There are moments which are beyond description…This is beyond brilliant—it’s a feat of memory and acting techniques that will leave any of us gasping. Occasionally, we might think we will actually glimpse the actor underneath it all … but then the chameleon changes again, and slips away from us.”


 -- VJ Hume, CV Independent

Check out this taste of ShakesBEER, from New York Shakespeare Exchange: